Journeys into Mind, Heart, and Soul
weekly Internet television and radio programs

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Journeys into Mind, Heart, and Soul

a weekly Internet radio program


hosted by

Rabbi Dr. Wayne Dosick


HealthyLife.net Radio


Every Wednesday

11:00 am Pacific   1:00 pm Central    2:00 pm Eastern


SPIRITTALK LIVE!: Journeys into Mind, Heart, and Spirit, is a forum for exploring the great questions of existence, for joining in the spiritual quest to find meaning and worth in life.

SPIRITTALK LIVE! is a program that explores all religious and spiritual traditions, and the value systems by which people make the choices that “make us or break us” as human beings.    It touches an inner chord of intellectual inquiry and spiritual need by daring to explore what has long gone unexplored on radio talk shows:  a respectful investigation of myriad belief systems, spiritual enlightenment, ethical values, deeply personal, intimate expressions of faith and doubt, and that often unspoken “G” word  — God. 

Particularly in these challenging economic times, we are all being starkly reminded of the core values of life:  that there is more to our Earth-existence than accumulating wealth and material possessions. People are seeking meaning, deep heart-happiness, soul-satisfaction and fulfillment, and a worthy and worthwhile existence.   SPIRITTALK LIVE! is a program that helps shape the “new-age” that is unfolding. 

And it is a program that is keenly aware of the promise and the power of young people — truly “children of spirit” — who have come to Earth with the vision of guiding and leading our planet in its evolution and transformation, toward unity, harmony, and perfection. 

SPIRITTALK LIVE! is not a “religious” program.  It is the place where all systems of belief, faith, and values are explored, where old assumptions are challenged, where new directions are sought — where the untried is tried and the unknown is risked. It is a program for rational empiricists and spiritual seekers, for people of all religions and of no religion, of all faiths and of no faith.

Each show combines two elements: interviews with guests on the far-ranging topics they explore in their writings and teachings, and the host’s commentary on the issues of the day. 

Listeners are invited to call in or to email questions and comments, and to be active participants in the ever-continuing discussion and debate. 

Each week, one listener is chosen to deliver a pre-recorded two minute “Moment of Illumination,” describing a life-experience that was enlightening — or holy — and had a profound impact and effect.    


Featuring guest interviews with fascinating personalities, “call-in” dialogue with listeners, and a weekly “Moment of Illumination.” 

To listen:    Go to HealthyLife.net on the Internet.  PC users choose: “Listen Live”

Mac users:  Choose “For Mac Users” from the left column, and follow instructions.

 Each program is archived by Thursday evening for later listening.
Go to HealthyLife.net, and choose “Archives.”

Earlier programs — beginning with our debut in October, 2009 — 
are archived on this webiste.
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