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is the best-selling, award-winning author
of eight critically acclaimed books.


Coming in mid-2012
Embracing the Full Essence of The Divine


Inner Traditions - Bear & Co.
ISBN 978-59477473-7

The revolutionary discovery of the Name of the Whole, Complete God, and coming to know the grand God of the vast universe, and the Inner God of breath and soul; a journey on pathways of mind and spirit that brings each one of us into a deep, personal, intimate, loving relationship with God, and closer to a world of Oneness.

"In these pages, Wayne Dosick has revealed himself to be a spiritual master of our time... This is a book of religious faith and depth."
   Rabbi David Ellenson, Ph.D., President Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

 For more information about the book, or to listen to the accompanying chants, please visit The Real Name of God website.


Fist Edition Autographed Copy

 A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit

with Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW

Weiser Books, 2009   ISBN: 978-1-57863-444-6

 the expanded, updated version of: 
Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children (and Adult Indigos, Too!):  
The Practical Guide and Handbook.
Jodere Group, 2004 

An introduction to both the awesome magnificence and the deep emotional pain of Indigo Children and Adult Indigos, and a complete step-by-step guide to the three spiritual processes that bring Indigo-healing and transformation, and affirm the Indigo-soul-vision of a perfect world.


“This book may very well be the ultimate 
Indigo workbook."

                               Lee Carroll and Jan Tober 



The Daily Personal Spiritual Practice That Brings You to God, Your Soul-Knowing, and Your Heart’s Desires

     with 20 Minute  Kabbalah Chants, CD
   chanted by Cantor Kathy Robbins

with Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW

Waterside Publishing, 2007.  ISBN  1-933754-50-8  978-933754-50-5


With authentic Tree of Life mysticism, sweet melodies, and meditative prayer, this practice helps readers connect and communicate with God in a deep, intimate relationship.
Anytime. Anywhere. All in just 20 minutes a day!

“…combines the profound weight of Tradition with the exquisite Lightness of Spirit to give us a practical and inspiring tool for coming into God’s presence each day”

                                             Rabbi Shefa Gold



 includes the accompanying CD


The Everyday Guide & Prayerbook

This little book contains all the core elements
of the 20 Minute Kabbalah practice, and can
serve as your daily guidebook as you pray the
Spiral Tree of Life. 

It is a new siddur, a new prayerbook, for a new time,
on a new pathway for being in love with God. 



sung by Cantor Kathy Robbins

an extra CD for your car or office,
                        briefcase or purse


  A Personal Journey from Adversity to Renewal

Seastone, an imprint of Ulysses Press, 2000.
 ISBN 1-1569751846

previously published in hardcover as When Life Hurts:  A Book of Hope
HarperSanFrancisco, 1998


Based on the story of the fire that destroyed his home and everything in it, this is  a moving memoir and an inspiring meditation that speaks directly and poignantly to every person who has suffered the fiery pain of tragedy and loss; a powerful prescription and practical guide for the journey from hurt to healing; a stirring testament of faith and a summons to triumph.

A selection of the of the Jewish Book Club; enthusiastically endorsed by more than a dozen of the world;s leading spiritual teachers and guides.

First Place, Best Motivation and Self Help Book, 1998 
San Diego Book Awards Association.


“Brings hope to those who, in their distress, feel lost in the wilderness.”

                                                                                           Nobel Laureate, Elie Wiesel




Dancing with God into a New Era

Jewish Lights Publishing, 1999.  ISBN 1-58023-053-9

 previously published in hardcover as Dancing With God:  
Everyday Steps
 to Jewish Spiritual  Renewal
HarperSanFrancisco, 1999


A bold, visionary concept of Judaism’s coming new age —Neshamah Judaism, Soul Judaism;  an inspiring and practical “how-to” guide for rediscovering and reclaiming Judaism’s authentic  spiritual beliefs and practices, leading to a deep communal and cosmic connection andan intimate soul-relationship with God. A book that is shaping the Jewish world's dialogue about Jewish spirituality, Jewish renewal, and the Jewish future.   

 “Empowers you to ride on the wings of your soul to a kabbalah-guided, mature and yet well rounded Judaism.” 

Rabbi Dr. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi



The Complete Guide to Jewish Belief, Tradition, 
and Practice

HarperSanFrancisco,  hardcover, 1995; Trade paperback edition, 1998. ISBN 0-06-062179-6


The contemporary one volume introduction to Judaism, teaching Jewish theology, philosophy, ethics, observances, and rituals, with quality scholarship and sacred spirit, and deep respect and honor for the broad spectrum and wide variety of Jewish thought and observance.

Main Selection of the Jewish Book Club; lauded by leaders of every denomination of American Judaism and leading Christian scholars.

Translated into two Chinese dialects.

...the definitive, all-encompassing text for the instruction of our people.  The most informative and 
useful text currently available.”

Rabbi Dr. David M. Posner,  Congregation Emanu-El, New York



The Ten Ethical Values Parents Need 
To Teach Their Children

HarperCollins, Trade paperback edition, 1996.
    ISBN 0-06-251249-8

Mass market paperback edition, 1998. ISBN  0-06-101328-5

An inspirational guidebook and a practical handbook showing parents how to teach and model ethical principles and moral behavior to their children.

First Place, Best Self Help Book, 1995
           San Diego Book Awards Association

Translated into German, Spanish, and Korean.
Available as an audio book 
from Bantam, Doubleday, Dell.

“The best parenting manual we’ve ever seen.”

                           Minneapolis Star-Tribune



10 New Commandments for Bringing Spirituality 
& Ethical Values Into The Workplace

Jewish Lights, 2000  ISBN 1-58023-101-2

 previously published in hardcover by William Morrow, 1993, and in
trade paperback by HarperBusiness, 1994 as The Business Bible:
Ten New Commandments for Creating and Ethical Workplace

Using ancient wisdom to bring meaning and worth, values, and ethics into the modern marketplace.
Selection of three major Book Clubs.
Translated into Spanish and Korean. 
For "Spreading the word that business ethics and business success are not contradictory values," Rabbi Dosick was selected by the San Diego Business Journal for inclusion in its prestigious listing "Who's Who" Honoring San Diego's Finest."

“These simple lessons are reminders to all of us that it is possible to be successful while practicing a personal code of ethics and morality.”

     Pat Bowlen, President and CEO, Denver Broncos



Renewing American Judaism

The Town House Press, 1988.

A candid, critical analysis of what is wrong with the Jewish life in America, and a bold, comprehensive blueprint for its future.

“...an imaginative, highly creative rabbi provides a window on contemporary American Jewish life, and offers practical, innovative methods to deal with them.”

Rabbi Dr. David Lieber,  zt”l  President Emeritus, University of Judaism

Special: $18.00

The Best Friends We'll Ever Have

privately published

Do your children have imaginary friends?
Did you have imaginary friends when you were young?
Who are these imaginary friends? From where do they come? Where do they live? Where do they go when we "outgrow" them?
Why have they come to be with us? Are they companions? playmates? confidants? Do they serve some higher purpose and greater good?

Evoking the style and the spirit of 
The Little Prince, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Velveteen Rabbit, Seggy and Doogla: The Best Friends We'll Ever Have is a story for people of all ages.
Young and old alike will be enchanted by this fanciful and delightful, multi-layered, multi-dimensional tale, and will come to love the imaginary but very real Seggy and Doogla. Children will connect with their own deepest Knowing, and grown-ups will touch profound, eternal, truths.
Seggy and Doogla is a fable for today and for every tomorrow.
It is a story that promises that Heaven on Earth is only one dream away

“Seggy and Doogla takes us on a wondrous, magical, journey across then, now, and forever.  It is a sweet, charming, and profound story that will capture the imagination of both children and adults. Highly recommended!”

      Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
         authors, The Indigo Children and An Indigo Celebration


24" X 30"


From a childhood-game image, SKY BLUE is the pinnacle of perfection, the very, very, best place to be. 

This colorful poster shows parents holding their children on the journey to the rainbow, the journey to SKY BLUE.

Perfect for your child's room, (far better than some of those movie and monster posters) your family room, or your child's classroom. 

A perfect gift for teacher and coach.


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