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January 2010

January 6


LEE CARROLL channels the entity KRYON,  who, in this time of dimensional shift and change for our world, brings the message of planetary healing and unconditional love.   Along with Jan Tober, Lee has also brought the world some of the initial teachings about the Indigo Children, who are the paradigm shifters for us and our universe.  

Moment of Illumination:  KENT JOHNSON

January 13


AMY HIRSHBERG LEDERMAN, author of  One God, Many Paths:  Finding Meaning and Inspiration in Jewish Teachings,  celebrates the wisdom and joy that faith-based teachings can bring, and shares heartwarming, inspirational stories of family, work, relationships, traditions, God, and love.  

Moment of Illumination:  DARLENE DAVIDSON

January 20


DEBRA KOLODNY, Executive Director of Aleph:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal,  discusses the contemporary age of reason, and the powerful movement toward renewal and rejuvenation of faith in religious communities; how individual and communal covenants can be reaffirmed when God is put at the center.   

Moment of Illumination:  BEA WALLER

January 27


RABBI LAURIE COSKEY,  Executive Director of San Diego’s Interfaith Committee of Worker Justice, explains the plight of workers who toil for long hours at back-breaking, jobs, and are paid a minimum wage with no benefits. She asks,  “who will speak for them if we do not?” and calls us to the prophetic sense of dignity and justice for all human beings.  

Moment of Illumination:  ALAN RUBIN

February 2010

February 3


RABBI RAMI SHAPIRO, author of  The Angelic Way:  Angels Through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us, discusses the philosophical, psychological, and spiritual implications of angels, and examines angels as metaphors not only of God reaching out to humankind,  but also of humankind reaching out to God.

Moment of Illumination:  SANDRA SCHAFF

February 10


JUDITH SCHWARTZ SHERWIN, Illinois attorney, and holder of degrees in religious studies, discusses the similarities and the differences between American civil law and Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious law, and particularly how a secular society balances the “law of the land,” with the religious commitments of its inhabitants.

Moment of Illumination:  JENNA SILVERSTEIN

February 17


MARGE EISEMAN,  spiritual leader, educator, songwriter and singer, discusses the tragedy of her young son’s tragic death, coping with her loss and grief; how she was sustained through love, and the creation by her friends of a “Grief Shawl,” which has led to her teaching people throughout the country how to make Comfort Shawls to embrace the cycle of love and loss.  

Moment of Illumination:  JOANITA BRANTL

February 24


RABBI UZI WEINGARTEN,  scholar, educator, and seminar leader, discusses the four elements that make communication compassionate, and, thus, positive.  He teaches us  the skills for the empathic “way of being,” deep listening, responding with effectiveness, and the affirmation of human dignity.

Moment of Illumination:  CINDY MARZOFF

March 2010

March 3


RABBI NADYA GROSS, co-director of Ruach HaAretz - mobile Retreat Center, discusses the defining years of her childhood, when, with stories, teachings, and non-verbal transmission her holy grandmother opened her soul to the Divine Mysteries of the universe, She now shares some of these foundational secrets with us.

Moment of Illumination:  VICTORIA BENOIT

March 10


SARA NICHOLS, licensed spiritual practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Sacramento, CA, former staffer and lobbyist at the California Legislature, social activist,  and media consultant,  discusses her mid-career decision  to become a Religious Science minister through the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies, and how her ministry will focus on health and healing. 

Moment of Illumination:  JUNE SINCLAIR

March 17


DR. GERALD EPSTEIN, author of Kabbalah for Inner Peace: Imagery and Insights to Guide Your Through Your Day, discusses the deep connection and interaction between Spirit and everyday life, how to create aims and intentions, and demonstrates the use of visualization for prayer, and, especially, healing of body and spirit.

Moment of Illumination:  JIM WRAGEE

March 24


RABBI DR. GOLDIE MILGRAM, editor of Seeking and Soaring: Jewish Approaches to Spiritual Direction, discusses  the art and holy task of guiding people on their spiritual journey through telling of sacred life-stories and the invitation to form a deeper relationship with God and the spiritual aspects of being a human being, as well as a place to explore prayer practices, meditation, spiritual experiences, and the desire for meaning and significance.  

Moment of Illumination:  LINDA PINCHING

March 31  


CANTOR CAITLIN BROMBERG was born Catholic, converted to Judaism, went to seminary to become a Cantor, and now serves a congregation as its musical voice — and has a brother who is a Catholic priest.  During Passover and on the eve of Easter, she shares her incredible journey of spirit and faith. 

Moment of Illumination:  JUDITH LIEF 

This program was pre-recorded, because on the day of broadcast, both host and guest were observing the Festival of Passover.  

April 2010

April 7


FATHER JAMES J. O'LEARY, S.J.,  one of our most popular previous guests, returns to be in dialogue about the current issues confronting the Catholic Church, including the place of women, the priest sex-abuse scandals, and, most specifically, the issues and relationship between the Church and the Jewish community.  

Moment of Illumination:  RHONDA MASON 

April 14


Coming live from Jerusalem, RABBI ITZCHAK MARMORSTEIN teaches us about the life of  Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook,  first Chief Rabbi of reborn Israel — a spiritual giant who incorporated mastery of Scripture and holy literature with an enlightened consciousness, deep mysticism, and guidance  about the balance and transformation of the world.  He shares with us some of Rav Kook’s sublime and inspiring poetry. 

Moment of Illumination: PATTI CAMPBELL

April 21


RABBI DIANE ELLIOT,  spiritual teacher, dancer, and somatic therapist, discusses a new training to honor body wisdom, and to integrate it into spiritual practice, though the convergence of the Soul tradition with psychology, ritual, the healing arts, Authentic Movement, communal sacred dance, and the somatic exploration of the Kabbalistic Four Worlds.  

Moment of Illumination:  CHRISTINE CYR

April 28


ILENE WINN-LEDERER,  author-artist of Between Heaven and Earth:  An Illuminated Torah Commentary, discusses how her extraordinary artistic skills led her to illustrate key scenes from the first Five Book of the Bible - the Torah;  how does art increase an enhance Spirit, and how does Spirit enrich and ennoble art?  Through this Internet radio broadcast, we will "see" with eyes of Spirit.  .  

Moment of Illumination:  SUSAN WELCH

May 2010

May 5


SUSIE WALTON,   founder and director of the Indigo Village, master teacher of Redirecting Children's Behavior, and author of Keys to Personal Freedom:  How Myths Affect our Family Lives, discusses the joys and challenges of bringing up children, and gives practical tips for everyday parenting.  

Moment of Illumination:  JAMIE ZIMRON


May 12


DR. DOROTHY CALABRESE,  Columbia University-trained and Board certified physician, who works in the tiny field of environmental allergies and auto-immune diseases, discusses the devastating effect of rare diseases on their suffers; how the medical establishment and the insurance companies discount and ignore these very real maladies; and how the drug companies do not produce the medications needed for treatment, creating the forsaken category of "orphan drugs."  

Moment of Illumination: CHERYL SILVERSTEIN

May 19


RABBI MIN KANTROWTIZ,   author of  Counting the Omer:  A Kabbalistic Meditation Guide, discusses the process of counting the days between the Festival of Passover and the Festival of Shavuot - Weeks; the mystical interpretation of this holy time; how to prepare concsciously for receiving the gift of God's teachings; and how to make each day of the spiritual journey count. 

This program was pre-recorded, because, on he day of broadcast, both guest and host were observing and celebrating the Festival of Shavuot.

Moment of Illumination: GREG BALOGH

May 28


Broadcasting today's program live from New York City,  RABBI DR. DAVID M. POSNER,   spiritual guide of the world's largest-membership synagogue, Congregation Emanu-El, discusses with Rabbi Wayne — his rabbinical school classmate and friend of more than forty years— what it means to be shepherd and pastor to such a large flock, the special challenges of being an urban congregation in the country's largest metropolis, and the unique programming he has offered his congregants over the years, based on his expertise in Judaism, inter-faith relations, ancient languages, and classical music.  

Moment of Illumination: KAREN WOLFER
June 2010

June 2


KENT JOHNSON,   real estate agent by trade, hospice volunteer by heart-vocation, discusses the painful and joyously uplifting task of being a helpmate to the dying, calling on the Celtic concept of Anam Cara, being a "soul friend;"  an exploration of the "thin veil" between This Side and The Other Side, and the spirituality of friendship that transforms the transition.

Moment of Illumination: REBECCA BALOGH

June 9


 HON. RICCA SLONE,  former  member of the Illinois Legislature, discusses the role of government in serving its people; how the government can be the voice and the hands of the community in serving the most needing and vulnerable  members of society.  And she relates how the joys and the frustrations of public service have led her to her current work in bringing renewable energy to India.  

Moment of Illumination: ANNA HARITATOS

June 16

RABBI RACHEL COWAN,   director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, discusses the contemporary hunger for the sacred, for meaning and worth in life, for he ability to experience God in a very real way, and how her Institute provides programs that revive the contemplative life, enliven spiritual practice, and sharpen the senses toward issues of social justice and connection to the greater community.    

Moment of Illumination: NICOLE RODGERS

June 23


 RABBI SHEILA PELTZ WEINBERG,   author of Suprisingly Happy:  An Atypical Religious Memoir, discusses getting older and getting happier; her story of looking for God, as she understands God — the God of the Jewish baby boomer, spiritual seeker, recovering alcoholic, and feminist grandma, who loves yoga and is a rabbi.   

Moment of Illumination: DESIREE MEZA

June 30

RABBI LYNN CLAIRE FEINBERG,   one of only three rabbis serving the entire Jewish population of Norway — and the only woman and the only liberal rabbi, discusses the unique situation of Norway's Jews; how the community is structured; what kind of religious and cultural programs are offered; and her struggle to find her place as a liberal woman rabbi in the midst of a well-entrenched traditional community.  

Moment of Illumination: BRIANNA ANDERSON
July 2010

July 7

DR. STEVEN R. HELFGOT, president of the Maricopa (Arizona) Community Colleges Foundation, discusses the state of higher education in to and four-year colleges and universities; the crisis of lack of funding; the structures, student bodies, curriculum, and goals of community colleges;  students' search for purpose and meaning in life; and the new immigration law in Arizona and its effect on public education.  

Moment of Illumination: OLD FRIENDS

ANNIE BURNSIDE, M.Ed., author of Soul to Soul Parenting:  A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family, discusses giving parents the tools to model an authentic, Divinely-inspired life or their children;  a guide to growing children's hearts and souls so that they become loving, compassionate human beings and global citizens.  

Moment of Illumination:
DR. SIMCHA PAULL RAPHAEL,  author of Jewish Views of the Afterlife,  discusses the age-old question, "What happens to me after I die?"  Sweeping across the vastness of theological thought and history, he offers the differing ideas about "life after death," and the religious, political, and cultural influences that shaped ever-evolving concepts.
Moment of Illumination: DOC COLLINS

SHIRLEY ENEBRAD, author of  Over the Rainbow Bridge:  My Son's Journey From Here to Heaven, discusses her son Corey's courageous five-year battle with cancer, and how this young man embraced life with such passion and without fear of death;  what has happened to Corey's soul since he transitioned over to The Other Side, and where is his soul-presence now.  

Moment of Illumination: MICHELE GREENBERG
August 2010

August 4

RABBI DR. JACK SHECHTER, author of The Land of Israel: Its Theological Dimensions, discusses the claim of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel — long established and long-challenged; the theological and historical prisms through which the Land of Israel is viewed; the ramifications of the biblical “Promised Land,” particularly as articulated in the Book of Deuteronomy; and the contemporary conflicts between “holiness” and geo-political realities.

Moment of Illuminaton: JULIE FREEMAN
August 11

RABBI JACK RIEMER, editor of So That Your Values Live On: Ethical Wills and How to Prepare Them, discusses how leaving an inheritance means much more than property and financial resources, but can be a true legacy of ethical values passed on from generation to generation; how to articulate and convey your most important and treasured ideals and values to your children and grandchildren, and to leave this world your highest thoughts, feelings, tenets, and convictions.

Moment of Illumination:
ESTELLE STRIZHAK, who has dedicated her life to working with the victim-survivors of the worst attempts at genocide in the world, discusses going into world-danger zones to help establish political refugee status for the survivors, so that these most vulnerable people on the planet can be given asylum and safety in the United States.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

SR. BARBARA QUINN, RSCJ, director of the Center for Christian Spirituality at the University of San Diego, discusses developing and fostering the elements of a life of spirit that infuses family, community, academic life, professional life, business, and the geo-political world; how relationship with God informs and enriches relationship with fellow human beings.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."
September 2010

September 1

DR. VIVIAN B SKOLNICK, author of The Biblical Path to Psychological Maturity, discusses  a psychoanalytical interpretation of well-known biblical passages, and applies Freudian  findings about dream interpretation and the workings of the unconscious to penetrate the psyches of the patriarchs and matriarchs, and the unique personality of Moses.   The Bible as it is rarely considered.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

September 15

, author of Does the Soul Survive? A Jewish Journey to Belief in Afterlife, Past Lives, and Living with Purpose, discusses the increasing interest in faith and in the survival of the soul. On the eve of the Jewish new year - Rosh HaShanah - the annual "inventory of the soul," the rabbi explores the very existence of the soul, and the many ancient and modern ways to access it, including near death-experiences, past life regression, channeling, and reincarnation.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

September 15

RABBI WAYNE discusses the Bible's Ten Commandments - their religious, psycho-spiritual, cultural, and political meaning and interpretation, and why these ten pithy injunctions have stood the test of time, captured the human imagination, and have set the moral foundation for western civilization.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

September 22


, active volunteer participant, discusses the Hand of Peace interfaith organization that strives to develop peace-building and leadership skills in Israeli, Palestinian, and American teenagers through the power of dialogue and personal relationships; and the annual summer program that brings Israeli and Palestinian teens to Chicago for a dialogue based experience of coexistence.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

September 29


the extraordinarily talented executive producer of HealthyLife.net Internet radio, a host of one of its programs, and the voice of the daily newscast, celebrates with Rabbi Wayne the end of a full year of SpiritTalk Live! on this All Positive Talk station; and discusses how radio can help a shy kid from the Valley overcome a speech impediment and shine in broadcasting.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."
October 2010

October 6

, world master practitioner and teacher of the psycho-spiritual therapy, Soul Memory Discovery, celebrates with her husband, our host, Rabbi Wayne, the beginning of the second year of SpiritTalk Live! and discusses the happenings on this great planet Earth by offering spiritual news you can use.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

October 13

, globetrotter and prolific travel writer, discusses her newest book, Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel, by taking us on a round-the-world journey to fourteen sites from North Vietnam to Guatemala, proving that travel can be transformative, and that openness to unplanned experience is just as important as a passport.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

October 20

, professional gardener and artist, discusses the 20th anniversary edition of her book, Monet's Passion: Ideas, Inspiration & Insights from the Painter's Gardens, illustrating how she helped restore the Giverny gardens; how the gardens influenced the artist's keen understanding of color and balance, and his genius in maximizing the effects of light.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

October 27

, who holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley, and teaches philosophy and theology to rabbinic students, discusses the life and thought of Martin Buber, one of the most important and enduring philosophers of the first half of the 20th century; how Buber's teachings about religious existentialism centers on the distinction between the I-It relationship and the I-Thou relationship, and how his ideas influence much of modern Jewish and Christian theology.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."
November 2010

November 3

, founding Artistic Director of the San Diego Repertory Theater discusses his life in theater, the history and the achievements of the San Diego Rep, and theater as expression of both the artistic and the spiritual.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

November 10

, mother of our host, Rabbi Wayne, who returns to SpiritTalk Live! in celebration of her 88th birthday for her annual reflections on life, discusses her life-long enchantment with literature, poetry, the theater, and the societal changes - for better and worse - that have taken place in her lifetime.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

November 17

, senior rabbi of Congregation Beth El in La Jolla, California, and author of four books of fiction and memoir, discusses the life of a rabbi-writer, the balance of serving a congregation while engaging in the creativity of writing, the themes of his novels, and a rabbi's obsession with death, loss, and renewal.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

November 24

, former president of Mazon and expert on issues of world hunger, returns to SpiritTalk Live! on the eve of American Thanksgiving, to announce a new initiative - The Global Hunger Foundation, which collects funds to empower women in Africa to grow sustainable, organic food in order to feeds themselves, their children, and their villages.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."
December 2010

December 1

CAROL HILLEGAS, who has been working for many years in cooperation with nature and under the guidance of the Awakened Earth Masters, discusses her book, The Awakened Earth, and offers a new model for co-creation with nature and other unseen forces, to heal our planet.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

December 8

DR. BURTON BIALIK, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, and Meditation Teacher, discusses the similarities between Jewish and Buddhist spiritual practices, and how both faith traditions can bring deep soul-satisfaction and enrich and ennoble life.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

December 15

PAOLO FICARA, author of the two volume book, Journey of a Healer: The Struggle, and Healing Experience, tells the story of a nonbeliever who evolves into a believer, successful businessman, healer, perceiver of the true nature of humankind and God, and, ultimately, becomes the founder of Universal Center for Self Enlightenment and Self Healing.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

December 22

FATHER JAMES J. O’LEARY, SJ. one of the most popular guests on SpirtTalk Live!, discusses issues of Jewish-Christian relations, the tensions and the cooperation that can take place at the time of year when both Christmas and Chanukah are celebrated, and gives his blessings for the Christmas season.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

December 29

, frequent and popular guest on SpiritTalk Live!, world master practitioner and teacher of the spiritual psycho-therapy, Soul Memory Discovery, and the channel-author of the Internet publication, Cosmic Times, discusses the cosmic times in which we live, predictions and possibilities for the new secular year, and, as often, offers spiritual news you can use.

Rabbi Wayne's  "Here's What I'm Thinking."

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