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— rabbi, educator, spiritual guide — is uniquely qualified to host SPIRITTALK LIVE! He was an early pioneer in religious video, producing The Video Synagogue for hospitals and nursing homes in the early 1980s.  In 1991-92, he hosted the predecessor to this program,  “GODTALK:  Journeys into Mind and Spirit,” on KCEO radio in San Diego. For more than eighteen years, he wrote “Rabbinic Insights,” a bi-weekly column of religious, political, and social commentary for The San Diego Jewish Times. In addition to those 400 articles, he is the award-winning, best-selling author of eight books.  His ecumenism is well-evidenced by his sixteen years on the faculty of the University of San Diego, a Catholic university;  by the fact that he is a member of the rabbinic organizations of three denominational movements:   Conservative, Reform, and Jewish Renewal;  and that he was awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees by both the Reform and Conservative seminaries.    

Described as having “the intellect of a rationalist and the soul of a mystic,” he is well-known for quality scholarship and sacred spirit, his reading of traditional texts for their spiritual wisdom and sense of prophetic social justice, his abiding commitment to utmost dignity and decency for every human being, and his lifetime of  guiding people to a deep, personal, intimate relationship with the Divine. His progressive life-view is appreciated in a radio-talk world dominated by conservatives.  His clear thinking, passionate advocacy, fascinating guests, and warm, engaging personality garners an enthusiastic and loyal audience. 

Wayne Dosick hosts SPIRITTALK LIVE!, where nothing is sacred and everything is sacred.  His ultimate message is that while there is much that divides us, there is much, much more that unites us as human beings and as children of God.   And when we are often reminded of Oneness consciousness — One God, One World, One People — we can come closer and closer to bringing Eden to Earth once again. 


 — frequent guest and occasional co-host —  holds degrees from the University of Chicago, and served on the faculty of the University of Southern California School of Social Work.  She directed social service agencies, and she is the world master practitioner and teacher of the spiritual psychotherapy, Soul Memory Discovery. With her husband she is co-author of two books, 20 Minute Kabbalah, and Empowering Your Indigo Child, and she is the author of the bi-monthly internet publication, The Cosmic Times:  Spiritual News You Can Use.  She has been described as a “modern-day prophet,”  and Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal has bestowed on her its prestigious designation,  “Woman of Vision” and, specifically, a “Connector of Worlds.”

Ellen’s deep wisdom, profound spiritual connection, and sweet, gentle persona endear her to listeners who will seek her enlightened guidance and counsel. 

RABBI WAYNE and ELLEN live in La Costa, California, where their home is a center for learning, prayer, and healing; and is a gathering place for spiritual seekers.

For more information about Rabbi Wayne Dosick, including his previous works and recent history, please visit RabbiWayneDosick.com

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